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Gene Sandifer age 84 of Henderson NV passed away July 24th just before midnight. His wife Marlene Sandifer who loved him very much had passed years earlier and it had been difficult for him. He is survived by his dedicated Girlfriend Regina Powell, his loyal Grandson Brandon Sandifer, Great Grandchildren Summer and Jonathan Sandifer and countless friends including Jack Ford, Phil and Sue Cicala, Dave and Diane Fell, Brian and Erika Smith and more.

Gene was born in Tulsa Oklahoma and ended up in the San Francisco Bay Area where he worked at the San Francisco Chronicle driving trucks and servicing newspaper racks. He worked his way up to president of Teamsters Local 921 with the support of many. Gene Sandifer grew up with very little and went from rags to self made as he worked hard then made smart Real Estate investments buying and selling properties that started with a duplex until he owned 13 properties. Gene was a philanthropist and has kept rents extremely low for his tenants in Sun City Anthem. Gene was known for being outrageous at times from his unbelievable jewelry, clothing and shoe collection to ambushing you with something unexpected. Gene was always the president and in charge.

His family and friends take comfort knowing he received the best care possible and was kept comfortable in the last days of his life where he was able to finally retire in peace.

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